Companions Inc.


Pet must be well groomed                                                  

Pet must pass health & fecal screening                      

Pets must be collared and on a leash at all times--no choke chains or Gentle Leader collars                       

Dogs must demonstrate obedience to basic commands                                                                     

Pets should be familiar with mobility equipment  

Pets must be tolerant of tile floors surfaces, unfamiliar sounds, movements, smells and warmer temperatures inside the facilities                                  

Pet must have an affectionate, calm, trusting temperament with NO history of aggression toward people OR other animals                                                  

Pets must tolerate various ways of being petted by strangers                                                                                     

If pet can perform tricks, that’s GREAT (optional)


Companions Inc.

PO Box 73601

Fairbanks, AK 99707-3601

  1. (907)452-4259

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Pet Requirements